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CHIAIA district


From Piazza Plebiscito toward Villa Comunale runs via Chiaia, an elegant pedestrian street which gives also the name to a chic, smart and trendy neighborhood in Naples.

With its shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries it’s the city’s prime night life-zone. In fact you can find here elegant caffè, nightclubs and excellent wine bars where people gather to enjoy a glass of a good Campania wine after working or during the weekend. Today the Chiaia district is one of the most interesting districts of Naples for its picturesque views and buildings of historical and architectural interest. But it is also one of the most luxurious and exclusive of the city: Via dei Mille, Piazza dei Martiri, Via Calabritto, Via Chiaia, Piazza San Pasquale are all home to expensive shops and major estates.

Strolling along via Chiaia your sight will be caught by an artistic bridge, by the Church of Sant’Orsola a Chiaia with XV century paintings and by Palazzo Cellammare, a XVI century noble palace for which artists like Sanfelice and Fuga worked and which hosted illustrious personalities like Caravaggio, Casanova, Goethe and Tasso. At the end of Via Chiaia you can choose whether to go to Via dei Mille, elegant and fashionable street with 19th and 20th buildings and shops like Bulgari or Hermes, or to Piazza dei Martiri. If you choose to go to Via dei Mille and you are a contemporary art fan you may visit the Pan Museum.

If you go straight ahead from via Chiaia you get to Piazza dei Martiri with its high obelisk dedicated to the Neapolitan martyrs to liberty and historical beautiful buildings with important fashionable shops like Ferragamo, Armani and Valentino. But important brands, like Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta are also along via Calabritto which connects Piazza dei Martiri to the Riviera.

The Riviera di Chiaia, old waterfront of the city, boasts the presence of beautiful noble buildings, among which there is the Neoclassical museum Villa Pignatelli with its green park, a princely dwelling where noble families like the Actons, Rothschilds and Pignatellis lived. Along the Riviera there is also the Villa Comunale, built by the will of King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, one of the main historical gardens of Naples, always crowded with children cycling or playing and passers-by chatting and relaxing.

On the waterfront, you can walk peacefully or sit at one of the numerous pizzerias or restaurants or bars and enjoy the sight of the bay, with Castel dell’Ovo on the left and Posillipo hill on the right…maybe under a warm sun!


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