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FIRST ITINERARY of the historical center


If you want to get into the most ancient and appealing part of the city I suggest you to visit the historical center, a true open-air museum declared a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1995 and inserted in its Heritage List. Every time you visit it there are colors, beauty, sounds and magic that can only be completely understood living there. There are more than 400 hundred historical churches, where artists like Caravaggio, Donatello and De Ribera worked and even simply walking you can feel more than 20 centuries of art starting from its foundation by Greeks. Naples history emerges in every corner of the historical center and it’s impossible not to be enchanted by the wonders of this city with a very particular soul, beyond time and boundaries.

Arriving in Naples, the first itinerary in the historic center that I can suggest you starts from Piazza Del Gesù to Piazza del Nilo. Once you land from your cruise ship, cross the road and with the Maschio Angioino castle on your left go straight ahead to Piazza Municipio and then turn right into Medina street and walk to Piazza Del Gesù. Here you can first visit the impressive baroque Church del Gesù Nuovo, built for the Jesuits in the late sixteenth century and then, in front of it, the Gothic Santa Chiara Church, one of the landmarks of the city. Built in the early 1300s it is the largest church of Naples. I also recommend you to visit the beautiful Majolica Cloister of the Clarisses and the Neapolitan Presepio with its shepherds of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Going along Benedetto Croce street you arrive in Piazza San Domenico where you can make a pause, drinking a cafè and eating a babà in Scaturchio bar, a very famous and ancient bar of the area. In the square don’t forget to visit the San Domenico Maggiore Church, rich in art works, as tombs, altars, sculptures and paintings. Immediately behind this square you can visit the wonderful and fascinating San Severo Chapel with the stunning Veiled Christ sculpture. Descending to Piazza Del Nilo you find a church where you can see a sepulchre by Donatello, the famous artist and a Roman statue representing the personification of the Nile god.
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