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Guide to the art stations of Naples Metro! Everything you can see going around the city – Part 2


BookingNaples offers a complete guide to the Naples Metro art stations. In fact, the Naples Metro is one of the most popular city’s attractions. If you have not read it yet,go to part 1!

Art station of Naples Metro n. 6 – Materdei

Materdeiis designed by Atelier Mendini: the project has contributed to the enrichment of the road level with many green spaces. The interiors of the station are covered in mosaics. The station is also characterized by a steel and coloured glass spire.

Art station of Naples Metro n. 7 – Salvator Rosa

The Salvator Rosa station, like the Materdeione, is designed by Atelier Mendini. Getting off to this stop you can admire works by Ernesto Tatafiore and Mimmo Palladino as well as the Pulcinella sculpture by Lello Esposito. Materdei and Salvator Rosa stations contributed to an actual redevelopment of the areas where they are situated.

Art station of Naples Metro n. 8 – Four days

Quattro Giornate is the station whose name is dedicated to the days of Naples freedom from the Nazi. The arworks that you can see in there are inspired by this theme and they mostly are by Maurizio Cannavacciuolo.

Art station of Naples Metro n. 8 – Vanvitelli

Vanvitelli is one of the art stations in the city in which you can see most artworks. Some of them are by Giulio Paolini – you can see one of his installations in the atrium; in the same area there is a work by Mario Merz on the Fibonacci spiral. In the corridors there are Vettor Pisani works and photographs of Naples architectures by Gabriele Basilico and Olivo Barbieri. In Vanvitelli there are mosaics too, by Isabella Ducrot. The stars next to the stairs are by Gilberto Zorio; the two cylinders that you can see at the intersection point of the stairs are by Gregorio Botta.

Art station of Naples Metro n. 9 –Medaglied’Oro

As Piazza Garibaldi, the Medaglied’Oro station is also designed by one of the greatest Italian architects, Michele Capobianco with Daniele Zagaria. Although there are no outstanding artworks, it is one of the historic stations of Naples Metro and it is famous for its design: comfortable and functional.


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