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Historical center district


Visiting the historical center of Naples is like crossing over twenty centuries of history


It is the largest historical center of Europe and was declared a world heritage site by Unesco for its historical richness in 1995. Walking along the streets of it make people immediately be catapulted into the history of this city and relive the various periods that have characterized it thanks to the various testimonies therein. It’s a unique place for its size, shape and number of monuments and the first in Europe for its high concentration of works of art. In fact only the historical center can boast over 200 historic churches, out of 500 Neapolitan churches that in the eighteenth century earned it the nickname of the city from 500 domes. It’s a densely populated area that makes possible to feel the life pulsing and the heart of the city beating.


The main street is definitely Spaccanapoli, so named because it splits the old town into two parts and it is one of the three streets called “decumani” built by the Greeks. In fact Naples was an ancient Greek colony, named Neapolis. Spaccanapoli starts from Piazza del Gesù and reaches the central via Duomo, and passing along historical, religious and cultural buildings, as the Basilica of Santa Chiara, the Church of San Domenico Maggiore or the Church of Gesù Nuovo, any egregious example of the Neapolitan Baroque.


In this area the streets are lively, characteristic and very narrow, sometimes hardly letting the sun shine in, but you could walk around for days and still find it interesting and charming. If you want to have a rest during your walk, don’t worry, there are cheap and good restaurants or you can eat a pizza in one of the best and most famous pizzerias in Naples that you will find along your walk. The historical center is very beautiful…


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