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Naples Metro guide. Discover which artworks you want to see first!


Welcome to part 3 of the free BookingNaples guide about line 1 of Naples Metro.

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BookingNaples guide gives you the chance to know in advance everything you need to know about Naples metro: from the routes to the artworks that are in the famous art stations of the city.

  • Art station of Naples metro n. 10

The first station of this part of the guide is Montedonzelli. Montedonzelli stop is in the Arenella district, between Vomero and Materdei. They all are quiet and residential areas. The station was inaugurated in 1993 but the true innovation happened in 2006, when it was equipped with another exit. What is special about Montendonzelli is its functionality. In fact, this is the only station equipped with a moving walkway and escalators. Even if there are no artworks in the inside, outside there are several garden areas.

  • Art station of Naples metro n. 11

Rione Alto is one of the Naples metro station that has many exits.From this stop you can go to Via Giulio Palermo and take a lift in via Pasquale del Torto. Plus, you can go to via Mariano Semmola, via Domenico Fontana and via Antonio D’Atona.

Along the route that leads to Via Semmola you can see installations by Antonio Tammaro and Achille Cevole and works by artists such as DaivdTremlet, Giuseppe Zevola Bianco-Valente, Katharina Siverding and Marco Anelli.

  • Art station of Naples metro n. 12

Like the station of Montedonzelli, also the Policlinico was opened in 1993. It is a station frequented by those who must go to the hospital area as well as all students of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy and Biotechnology. The station is provided with an exit that leads inside a hospital in Naples (Cardarelli).

  • Art station of Naples metro n. 13

ColliAminei is the stop of Naples Metro thatleads to the hilly area of ​​the city. The station was designed by the architect Domenico Orlacchio. ColliAminei is frequented by a lot of young people because of all the schools and institutes in its neighbourhoods. Moreover, this underground station also has a route that leads inside the Cardarelli hospital too. Another feature of the ColliAminei stop is that from there you can take several buses to go to other places of Naples.


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