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NAPLES…what else??


This was my first time in Naples, my first trip in Naples and I want to tell you about this!!

On the first day, we were guided through the narrow streets and the many churches and cathedrals found the centre of Naples. The tours were held by our fellow guide who explained a few of the legends were passed on from the past. We also went to see Saint Gregorio Armeno street and to visit a lot of shops about the manufacture and sale of napolitan crib. It was too funny!

On the second and third day, amongst the activities, we had a day trip to Caserta to visit the Royal Palace and also visits to many beautiful beaches such as Gaiola. We also visited the Grotta di Seiano and the archaeological remains of the Pausilypon which consisted of breathtaking views. We also visited Castell del’Uvo which is situated on the famous lungomare of Naples.

On another day we had an esoteric tour where we visited the Cimiterio delle Fontanelle were thousands of skulls are found. Once again, the tour guide explained a few stories and legends which were to this location. On the same day we had a visit in Capo Di Monte, a grand, beautiful forest.

One day , I decided to go to Capri instead with a friend of mine. Capri is beyond beautiful, white painted houses, narrow streets filled with luxury shops and hotels which then lead to the most breathtaking views ever!

The last two days of our trip were spent in Salerno, where we met another group  of our friends! During these days we resided at Vietri sul Mare and we visited Amalfi and its Coast. We also had an exclusive private boat trip around the coast and were also allowed to swim around this gorgeous scenery.

Last but not least – the food!!! I lost count of how many pizzas I ate in the span of 14 days. We visited the most famous pizzerias in Naples, such as Sorbillo and Pizzeria Oliva – da Concettina ai Tre Santi. We were also lucky enough to have a booked place at the world known pizzeria – Da Michele, which was featured in the book ‘Eat, Pray and Love’. This pizzeria always has a queue of people waiting outside, and we were lucky enough to not wait a lot.

I want conclude saying that it was amazing like trip … for the food,the people who I met, for the group and of course also for the city!!!

I would like to come to Naples to fight against the stereotypes and discover the true Napoli! The Art, Culture, History of our city, wonderful ancient monuments, breathtaking landscapes and tasty Italian food.

You’ll live easy their  life style (and food style as well, with our specialties), discovering the most pleasant side of the city and its surroundings.

Naples is not like the others cities that i saw, Naples is magic!!!

Best regards

Michela from Malta


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