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Napoli Metro

Napoli metro is famous all over the world because of its stations rich in artworks. Also, taking Napoli Metro you will be sure to reach many attractions of the city. Here you can find information about every stop of Napoli metro line 1 and line 2. Find out where you can go, stop by stop! Plus, you will also discover which artworks by which artists you can admire just taking transports!

Napoli Metro Art Stations

Università station of Line 1 of the Naples Metro is in the city center. It is in a spot where you can reach the main streets of the historic center and several monuments. Like many of the art stations, even the Università one is an architectural work worth of attention itself. The station was designed

Napoli Metro Guide

Guide to Napoli Metro line 1 Napoli Metro is much more than transport. The Neapolitan subway is famous as one of the city’s attractions for the artworks by artists and architects that you can explore while traveling around the city. You may have heard about the art stations in Naples. The mainline is the