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POSILLIPO district


Posillipo is one of the most exclusive and charming neighborhoods in Naples


This residential area once inhabited by the ancient Greeks and Romans takes its name from the amenity of these sites.


In fact the name Pausilypon encompasses all these virtues and in Greek means a respite from toil or pain. The view embracing the entire Gulf of Naples, the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida as far as Mt. Vesuvius is unique, exciting and breathtaking. Beautiful villas overlooking the sea, historic buildings and gardens are the perfect setting for a peaceful and incredible oasis. Along Posillipo street, few meters from the sea, there are the elegant seventeenth century Palazzo Donn’Anna and some villas that have also private access from the sea. Posillipo hill offers one of the most wonderful views of the city and if you want to taste the scent of the sea you can take a beautiful walk and reach Marechiaro bay where to swim or eat in one of the excellent restaurants on the sea.


A panoramic oasis on the top of Posillipo hill is the free entrance Virgilian Park, a famous green terraced park built in the twenties. From here the view is superb, breathtaking, unparalleled and from the terraces you can admire the entire coast, the archeological remains and the cliffs over the sea. In addition to a children’s playground and a nice running track there is also an amphitheater where sometimes there are theatrical performances, in a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Not far from the park there is the Grotto of Sejanus, a 780 meter long tunnel running through the tuff that gets to an area where are the perfectly preserved remains of an ancient Roman villa and an amphitheater. The villa, known as villa Pausilypon, belonged to an outstanding Roman citizen, Publius Vedio Pollio. This shows once more how fond the Romans were of Posillipo hill: an enchanting place where you can recover the strength of your body and the peace of your soul!


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