Welcome in Napoli ! We want you to enjoy your stay in Naples. We are here to offer tourist services in NAPOLI during your stay.

Private tours in Naples


My Private tours in Naples are not "touristic."
I treat my guests as my friends and family rather than tourists. I create a warm and friendly atmosphere on my tours in which we can have fun and be spontaneous. You might want to visit a special place on an individual basis.


I am Daniela.
I am an experienced and licensed Tour Guide for the city of Naples and Campania region.
 I believe that we travel to discover and experience the authentic life of the countries we visit.

 I think that nowadays it is easy to read something or find information for an area that we travel to.
 What is difficult, or sometimes impossible, when spending a brief time in other cultures is discovering their habits and different ways of life.
My tours are never touristic.
I try to offer high quality tours and give to my customers a 360 degree visual of the area that they visit.
 I like to explain a lot about art, nature, history but also culture, habits and food.
 It means that my tours can be very intensive sometimes, and we walk walk walk and sometimes I speak a lot!
 Be informative and offer an authentic point of view is important for me.
 I show all aspects of the region, not only the nice,touristic and comfortable aspects. But I show
 how people act and really live.
 When we travel we pursue our own
 agenda, satisfy our own curiosity, follow our feelings,
 without being held to the rigid routines offered in the
 typical tour brochures.
 I apply this, my personal travel
 philosophy, to the tours that I offer to my clients.
 With me you will experience the real
 Naples and the real Neapolitan lifestyle.
 You might want to visit a special place
 on an individual basis.
 I like to show you the unique
 characteristics of the people of Napoli, the food that they
 eat in hidden trattorie, the music they sing in the piazzas,
 and all of the hidden places which you cannot see without
 the help of a true Neapolitan.

 Outside of Naples, I organize tours on
 the beautiful island of Capri, the historical remains of the
 ancient city of Pompei, the amazing cliff dwellings of the
 lovely Amalfi coast, and all the province of Campania.
 The prices include walking tours or  tours by car up to 6 people.
 The tours all can
 be in italian, english german and in french.

 Ancestry Tour By Car (7 hours)
 Ancestry walking Tour (Full day)

 Campi Flegrei by walking (7 hours)

 Capri island walking Tour (7 hours)

 Cooking class in a neapolitan house (2
 persons) (7 hours)

 Naples by learning italian and
 neapolitan body language (7 hours)

 Naples Historical Centre Walking Tour (5

 Personalized tour by car 2 persons (8 hours)

 Personalized tour by walking (8 hours)

 Pompei and Amalfi Coast By Car

 Pompei and Herculaneum Walking tour
 (6 hours)

 Pompei and Vesuvio by car (6

 Pompei and Vesuvius Walking Tour (6

 Pompei by walking (3 hours)

 Pompei, Sorrento and Capri by car

 Walking tour in Naples (7


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