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PROCIDA an excellent tradition for food and drink


Procida, a small island close to Naples, has an excellent tradition for food and drink. It is just “a drop in the ocean” of pure delight offered by the south of Italy, but when you taste the typical Procida dishes you find that this “drop” must not be underestimated.
Procida is most famous for its lemons, and so everything you taste has the lemon essence.
Let’s start from breakfast: the Procida ” lingua di bue” is a typical puff pastry stuffed with yellow cream or lemon cream. We also have the “delizia al limone”, a dome of sponge cake filled with lemon cream and covered with icing. Sometimes also decorated with whipped cream and grated lemon zest. Both can be enjoyed anywhere in Procida, but the best places are undoubtedly the “bar del Cavaliere” and the patisserie “Dolci e Peccati”.
Now we’ll talk about lunch, with people divided into seafood lovers and meat lovers: fortunately the island offers a variety of dishes for both categories. The seafood lovers can choose from sea cicadas seasoned with fresh cherry tomatoes or the classic spaghetti with clams or also with swordfish and eggplant, up to the “fujuto” a typical pasta sauce made with parsley, garlic, sea water, chili and olive oil. Instead, for meat lovers, the dish to try is certainly the Procida rabbit, which is always accompanied by a tasty “parmigiana di melanzane” and a glass of substantial red wine.
Let’s finish with dinner but a light one, considering what you have eaten during the day!. What about a salad? Maybe a lemon salad prepared with the “albedo” (the white layer of lemon) mint, olive oil, parsley, garlic and red pepper; or a fresh and simple salad of octopus. And finally, to conclude, Procida is famous for its digestive liqueurs, although the most famous is the limoncello. The Limoncello is prepared at home by restaurateurs using lemon peel, water, sugar and pure alcohol.
All of the dishes described can be found in any restaurant and at any price, even if the best places are always the most Spartan but typical ones, as the restaurants “Da Girone” and “La Conchiglia” both overlooking the sea.
Can life offer you more than enjoying these delicacies while watching the sea?


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