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Hello to everyone,

I’m from Santander in Spain and last summer I had a wonderful idea…to visit Naples.
When I decided to come to Naples I knew about all problems of this city, all the world spoke about garbage, mafia, corrupt politicians but I knew also that Napoli is not only this.
On the first day, I decided to visit the historical centre, because my hotel was close to it and I discovered a new world: many narrow streets intersect like a spider web. Each one of these seemed on the point of swallowing you, but it was not a negative thing rather a positive one. In fact you were about to be swallowed by the Neapolitan spirit made of colors, voices, gestures and charm.
Although I’m from Spain and all of you know that Spain is very similar to Italy in many things, what I saw was new for me .
I continued to walk along these narrow streets when finally I found the street of the cribs… oh my God, nothing of what I’ve seen in my life was as wonderful as this! On both sides of the street were many stalls with lucky charms, small statues of famous people, cribs with lakes, rivers, fountains, woods and trees on.
When I arrived at the end of this street, oh how careless of me, I forgot to tell you the name, Saint Gregorio Armeno street, I was in Tribunali street, the street of pizzas. Now I had many choices but in the end I decided to go to the best pizzeria…Sorbillo. Here I had the best pizza in the world: large, completely covered with tomato, mozzarella and parmisan cheese.
I could tell you much more about Naples and my trip, but I thought to start just with the wonderful experience of the first day. Very soon I will also tell you about the rest of my trip and I’m sure you will decide to come to Naples one day!
Then, very well, one more thing.
Do you know the Italian idiom ” see Naples and then die”?
For me it’s the opposite…see Naples and then live!
Bye, bye


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