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It seems some merchants from Genoa took the genovese sauce to Naples in the 15th century and it became a favorite recipe of the Neapolitan cuisine. It takes several hours to prepare it and it is not easy to be digested but the result is gorgeous!

Ingredients of the genovese sauce:

Round of beef or pork ham 1kg
Onions 2 kg
Ham or salami in small pieces 100gr
One glass of white wine 150 gr
Olive oil 5 spoons
One carrot
A stalk of celery

Slice the onions, cut the carrot and celery into small pieces and put them in a pot together with the olive oil and the meat tied with a piece of kitchen string. Add a glass of water and the pieces of ham or salami, salt and pepper. Cover the pot with a lid. Mix the ingredients every now and then. When you see the onions getting brown, uncover the pot and keep watching. Lower the heat and pour some wine every time it sticks on the bottom of the pot. The sauce will be ready when it gets creamy and medium brown. You can have pasta or rice with it while having the meat with a salad as a second course.

Buon appetito!!!


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