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The Campania Artecard


A wonderful opportunity for the tourists coming to visit Naples is the Campania Artecard.


Getting this card you will be able to discover and visit the cultural sites of the city and of the Campania Region with reductions or also free entrances as well as sometimes free public transport. There are three different cards available according to your interests and time at your disposal. The campania>artecard Napoli is the city card to discover the cultural heritage of the city with more than 40 sites as Castel Sant’Elmo, Palazzo Reale, Madre museum, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and others.


Campania artecard formulas, costs, duration


The card lasts 3 days and costs 21,00 € for the adults, 12,00 € for young people between 18 and 25 of age. The first three sites chosen are free, then the others up to 50% discount.


But if you want to visit also the other wonders of the Region as Ercolano, Pompei, Caserta, Capua, Paestum and others there is the campania>artecard Tutta la regione, lasting three days at the cost of 32,00 € for the adults and 25,00 for the young (18-25), including the transport. The card is also possible for seven days and costs 34,00 € not including the transport. The campania>artecard Tutta la regione for three days permits the free entrance to the first two sites and a 50% discount for the others, while the one for seven days grants the free entrance to the first five sites and up to 50% discount for the others.


If you are planning to stay in our wonderful city for a long period there is the campania>artecard 365 giorni, 43,00 € for adults and 33,00 € for the young (18-25).
This card allows a free entrance for two times to certain sites and the reduction up to 50% for other sites.
All cards also include discounts to other sites not included on the Campania Artecard circuit.


Where to buy Campania Artecard

– from the major museums and archeological sites on the circuit and from the campania>artecard information point at Naples Central Station.

– online

-by phone at 800 600 601 or from mobile and abroad +39 0639967650

For more information, you can visit the web site www.campaniartecard.it


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