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Information about Napoli

Here you can find the information you need for your travel planning to Napoli.


Useful information to know in Napoli


travel information

Travel Information

You can read the travel information about banks, climate, addresses, age restrictions, currency, pharmacies, postal services, public holidays…





napoli airport capodichino

Napoli Capodichino Airport

And, if you want to focus on something like the airport, you can note down what you need about Napoli Capodichino airport.





napoli naples weather temperature average

Napoli, weather and temperature average

Before you come to Napoli, you might want to know what to put in your luggage. Some useful info may be about Napoli weather and temperature average!





campania artecard

The Campania Artecard

If you are into art, see if the Campania Artecard is something you would buy once you are in Naples!





napoli boat tours

Napoli boat tours

Last but not least, especially if you come to Napoli in Summer, you may be interested in collecting information about Napoli boat tours.





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