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Dovunque sono andato nel mondo ho visto che c’era bisogno di un poco di Napoli. 
Wherever I went around the world I saw that there was a need for a little bit of Naples.

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Short guides and Neapolitan lifestyle

San Gennaro Miracle

If I talk with a Neapolitan or walk along the busy streets of this city it’s very likely I can hear someone say “San Gennaro pensaci tu!” which is like to say “San Gennaro solve my problems!”. This phrase hides the deep devotion and affection of a whole population for his patron saint San Gennaro.

Castles of Naples, wondering architectures and panoramic views

In addition to excellent food, pleasant climate and famous songs, Naples has lots of architectures that have made it known as the city of the seven castles: Capuano Castle, New Castle (Castel Nuovo, also known as MaschioAngioino), Egg Castle, Sant’Elmo Castle, Nisida Castle, Carmine Castle and Vigliena fort. The castles of Naples can be visited

Go to the castles and to the main opera houses from Municipio station

{:en} Municipio station is one of the line 1 stations of the Naples Metro. This station is also going to be a stop of line 6, currently under construction. As Garibaldi, Università, Toledo and many others, also Municipio is one of the art stations of Naples. In fact, it was designed by Alvaro Siza and

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