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Short guides and Neapolitan lifestyle

Tour, art exhibitions and concerts to join, if you are visiting Naples in March

{:en} If you want to visit Naples in March, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the city in all tis nuances, observing all the colours that Naples assumes on sunny days or under the rain. Plus, on March there will be the chance to join special tours and listen to concerts of remarkable quality.

Park of Naples: Where to Go If You Are Visiting Naples in Spring or Summer

{:en} If you visit the city during the spring, in the months of April, May and June, you could expect to spend a part of a day in one park of Naples. Here we propose 5 parks where you can easily go even during the warm summer days of July, August and September. Capodimonte A


Have you ever heard the Italian saying “Il segreto di Pulcinella” (The secret of Pulcinella)? This refers to Pulcinella’s inability to keep a secret. But who is Pulcinella? Pulcinella is one of the most ancient, popular and funny Italian masks, symbol of the Neapolitan people and traditions. It embodies the soul of Naples and of

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