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Napoli Traditions


Napoli is famous for its traditions! The most famous is probably about Neapolitan food and recipes. But, the traditions of Napoli are way more than about food.


Neapolitan traditions



Sometimes traditions become characters. That is what happens with Pulcinella, the most famous Neapolitan character.





Neapolitan horn traditions

Neapolitan horn

Two-faced Janus

Two-faced Janus

Even if Neapolitan people usually are religious, they are superstitious anyway. That is why, when you come to Napoli, you see the Neapolitan horn in so many places! Another symbol of this multifaceted city is Two-faced Janus.





san gennaro miracle blood

San Gennaro Miracle

If you want to investigate the peculiar relationship between Naples and religion, take a look at San Gennaro Miracle. It is a yearly event that involves blood in various forms.





xmas in naples

Christmas in Naples

holy crib street markets

Holy Crib Alley

Speaking of religion, one of the most loved festivities is Christmas. Neapolitan artisans are so expert about creating nativity scenes that they propose elements to enrich the holy crib during all year.





marinella ties fashion traditions

Marinella ties

Neapolitan traditions are about fashion, and shopping also. Marinella ties is one of the fashion landmarks of the city!





markets napoli street

Street markets in Napoli

But, if you love shopping at street markets, you will have many places to go!


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