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What to see in Napoli


What to see in Napoli?  Here what you can’t miss if you are coming to Napoli and you can’t decide where to go first. 
Naples is rich in attractions, that is why we propose a list of the ones that make you understand something of the complex soul of this city.

Napoli, what to see

piazza del plebiscito

Piazza Plebiscito

If you want to explore Naples, you might not know which is the best starting point. Here you find many tours and free itineraries. Or, you can surely start at Piazza del Plebiscito!





napoli subsoil

Napoli Subsoil

The historical center of Napoli is an open-air museum. What you may not know, is that there is a lot to see underground too. That is why you can choose a spot from where you can explore Naples subsoil. There, you will see what it still remains of the Roman city.




san severo chapel

Sansevero Chapel

Once you are in the historical center, you are ready to investigate the complex relationship between life and death that permeates the city in the Sansevero Chapel.





famous tombs in Naples

Famous tombs in Napoli

If you are looking for attractions that are linked to great characters of the past, you should take a look at the Famous tombs in Naples. Just think that Virgil and Leopardi have been buried here.





neapolitan castle castles

The Neapolitan Castles

Did you know that Napoli is also known as the city of the seven castles? If you do love this type of architecture, or you just want to see the city from a different point of view, visit at least one of the Neapolitan castles!




neapolitan architecture

Neapolitan Architecture

Donn’ Anna Palace

Donn’Anna Palace

… but, if you do prefer more modern buildings, here some places that will show you Neapolitan Architecture in 4 Buildings. In Napoli, even architecture is linked to legend. Do you know the ones about Donn’Anna Palace?




museums napoli naples

Museums of Naples


Theatres in Napoli

If you are into art, Napoli is the city for you since you can see lots of artworks just by taking a walk. Anyway, the city has lots of museums with many must-sees! Include the museums of Naples in your travel planning. And, if you are into theatre, note down that the city host some of the most historical ones.





botanical garden

Botanical Garden of Napoli

Napoli is a destination for nature lovers since its symbol is the Vesuvius, with its huge Natural Park. Also, Napoli has one of the oldest Botanical Garden. Some of the parks in Napoli host also museums, such as the Floridiana park.





Bay and beaches of Napoli

seiano cave

Seiano Cave

If you come to Napoli in Summer, note down the best bay and beaches in Napoli and of the Campania region. The real plus is to visit the Seiano Cave.







Are you in Napoli for more than a few days? Give yourself the chance to visit more than the center of the city, and dedicate a day to visit Pozzuoli. You will be amazed by the archaeological area and its landscape.


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