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Carnival Neapolitan Cuisine Traditions


Carnival is celebrated on the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent, a period during when the faithful should abstain from vices. That is the reason why Carnival is the celebration of excesses!

This celebration owes its name to the Latin. “Carnem levare” means to remove the meat, due to the fact that Carnival is the last day on which meat could be consumed, and all the leftovers should be cooked. Nowadays, Lent is no longer observed with all the due restrictions. In Naples, Carnival is an occasion to celebrate centuries-old traditions!

Today, we will discover what Neapolitans usually eat on Carnival.

Carnival Neapolitan Menu

If you would like to experience Carnival as Neapolitans, there are some recipes that are a must-cook for such days! Even if Carnival 2021 comes on February 16, I suggest practicing in advance such dishes.

  • Lasagna
    At Carnival, Lasagna is a tradition which you must observe!!! Lasagna is the main course without any doubt. It is the dish that better represents the excess that this celebration must convey. There are many ways to make a lasagna. Neapolitans usually put pasta, sauce, pepper, diary products, meatballs, or minced meat.


  • Desserts
    The most important Italian cuisine traditions for Carnival are desserts. Neapolitans usually prepare “chiacchiere” and “sanguinaccio”. The “chiacchiere” are traditional pastries. The recipe vary from region to region but we can surely say that they are fried strips of dough covered with powdered sugar. Another traditional Carnival dessert is the ‘black pudding’, a chocolate-based cream whose recipe varies from region to region as well. The variations may be in chocolates, candies, spirits… The ancient recipe of the black pudding used to include pig’s blood as well. Traditionally, it used to mean that nothing is thrown away. Today, we can taste this creamy dessert without this vintage adding!



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