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COVID-19 measures in Napoli


Like every other country in the world, Italy is fighting against COVID-19. Even if the pandemic is not over yet, it is still possible to visit this beautiful city without risks thanks to the measures to prevent COVID-19.

In the first phase of the lockdown, the Campania region and Napoli had few cases. By now, the number of infected people is lightly increasing. Even if everyone is doing its best to avoid the spreading of the Coronavirus in Naples, it is always useful reading which are the rules to follow.


COVID-19 in Napoli, prevention rules

Whether you are coming to Napoli or not, these are a few basics rules to follow to be responsible and protect yourself and the other people from spreading or being infected by COVID-19.

  • Wash your hands often, washing them for at least 20 seconds, or by using a disinfectant. Disinfect your hands after taking elevators, and after touching handrails.


  • Avoid every direct physical contact, even handshakes. Also, don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands either.


  • Keep one meter away from one another: that’s how many clusters started.


  • Facemasks are mandatory in all common areas indoor. Also, wearing a mask is mandatory outdoor after 6 p.m.


  • Before coming to Napoli, educate yourself on COVID-19 by reading trusted sources only.


  • Practice social distancing, and always practice general hygiene!!!


  • Last but not least, pay attention to the instructions given by the Italian authorities.


If you are experiencing any symptoms of the COVID-19, don’t take antiviral drugs by yourself but contact a doctor. People who have a fever or a cough and people who have returned from a risk area can contact the toll-free number 1500.

It is always good to remind that pets do not spread COVID-19!




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