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How to book a cab in Naples


How to take a cab in Naples? How to book a cab in Naples? Here are the useful sites and numbers to store in your address book before moving by cab to the city.


Booking a cab in Naples

Here are the useful numbers to book a cab in Naples.


  • Radio Taxi Partenope
    Cab service
    081 0101
    This service is available at all hours. You can contact Radio Taxi Partenope also for services for excursions and events.


  • 8888
    Cab service
    081 8888
    This company gives the possibility to book and pay through a free app that you can download on your smartphone. In addition, through the same app, you can access services and offers.


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How to Book a cab for more people

On particular days, when the city is more crowded for special events, you have the possibility of booking a “collective cab”, i.e. a cab for different groups of people, at a fixed cost. For further information, call (+39) 081 7952922/3 or send an e-mail at the address: trasporto.pubblico@comune.napoli.it.


Tips about taking a taxi in Naples

  • Memorize the 4 numbers reported both on the car doors and inside the cab so that you can identify the taxi driver in case you forget items on board.


  • Make sure you have with you the payment receipt that the taxi driver must give you: it’s the law. Although the document has no fiscal value, it is a receipt drawn by the City of Naples. In a nutshell, you must be sure that the receipt is the one authorized by the municipal administration. If the fixed price is applied, the receipt must be released before the start of the journey. For further information on cab rates in Naples consult taxinapoli.it.

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