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Italian Xmas Traditions


Take a look at the traditional habits of Italians for Xmas. Make your Christmas unique with the touch of Italian culture and Italian cuisine!

Christmas is one of the most loved festivities by the Italian People. If you are coming in December, be prepared to see everything Christmas-themed from December 8 until January 6. Celebrations start on December 8, on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception, and they end with the Epiphany.

During these weeks, you can truly feel a ‘magic’ atmosphere around Napoli. Maybe because of the several events for Christmas or for the nativity scenes expositions.

Christmas tree and the crib

If you would like to spend your Xmas in Italy, you should decorate your tree, and make the crib on December 8. Traditionally, Italians decorate their homes with Xmas stuff on this day, after a long lunch with the whole family.


Xmas Treats

Xmas treats are a huge part of the Italian Christmas! The most famous surely is the Panettone, created in Milan. In South-Italy, there are many other famous treats to try too: mostaccioli, struffoli, rococò… all of these are Neapolitan traditional sweets that are usually made for Christmas!


Christmas Menus

If you would like to have an Italian Christmas Eve dinner or an Italian Xmas lunch, include in your menu spaghetti with clams or soup of tortellini with broth, roasted eel, cauliflower, and deserts!


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