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Napoli weather and temperature average


When you book your holiday in Naples, knowing the weather forecast or the average temperature of the city could be very important to determine which period is the best basing on your needs and plan when visit the places you want to go.

Officially, Naples has a Mediterranean climate: it is a type of climate characterized by mild and rainy winters and hot, dry summer days rejoiced by the breeze of the sea. Naples is an exception. It is not a case that the city is also known as the “city of the sun”!

This nickname is given by the fact that in Naples it is always warmer than the surrounding cities. At the same time, the city has a climate that changes from area to area. For example: the historical center of the city has an average temperature warmer than neighborhoods like Vomero and Posillipo. The airport area, Capodichino, has the same climate of Vomero and Posillipo. On the other hand, the alleys of the old town are warmer than the areas directly exposed to the sea or near the ports.

Although there have been not so many episodes of snowfall, the days of snow in Naples are easily remembered in history because they were few: 1956, 1971, 1985. The last episodes date back to 2005 and 2009, but there was not snowy: it was sleet.


Napoli weather and temperature average

In November, December, January, and February there are days when the temperature average is like the spring one (25 C°; 77 F) even though winter. Napoli temperature average in Winter months rarely drops below 5 degrees (i.e. 41 F).

In the months of March, April and May Spring the weather is windy, sunny but not too warm. Even if the Summer season includes the months of June, July, August, and September, in Napoli the weather is very sunny during the year!

During Summer, the temperature average in Napoli is almost always above 30 degrees (i.e. 86 F), during the day. Overnight, it drops to 20-25 (i.e. around 77 F).

Although it is good to check the weather forecast that concerns the time during you want to visit Naples, the climate of the city is characterized by a mild and pleasant temperature average. Even when it rains, the days when the rain lasts for many hours in a row are few and it is always easy to visit on foot the areas of the city that are full of attractions.


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