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New York Times: go to Naples!


Why does the New York Times recommend Naples among the cities to visit in 2022?

Together with CNN, the New York Times has recognized Naples among the cities to visit during this new year. The New York Times 2022 list aims to highlight places around the world where travelers can once again feel part of a world that has undergone major changes in recent years.

Along with Naples, there are also 2 other cities to visit according to the prestigious American newspaper: Chioggia and Courmayeur.

Why coming to Naples in 2022

ny times napoli

The New York Times starts with a famous saying about our city: “See Naples and then die”. Tracing the meaning of what is a phrase inextricably linked to the beauties of Naples, the Times invites you to admire this Mediterranean beauty which should be in everyone’s wishes.


In the short description of Naples in the NY Times, there is also a disturbing climate prediction. In fact, without any intervention, the city could have 55 days of really extreme heat by 2049 and 93 days by 2081. Yet, the Neapolitan people are less naïve than one might want to believe. In San Giovanni a Teduccio, for example, there is already a group of neighborhood residents who have created a community of equitable energy. It is a formula through which it is possible to guarantee clean and free electricity to families who, living below the poverty line, cannot afford it. This was possible thanks to the installation of 166 solar panels.


If you don’t know how to behave in an ecological way in Naples, a first suggestion is to visit the city on foot. Among the most interesting proposals for walking tours in Naples is the itinerary on the city’s stairways. First stop, Pedamentina: the panoramic route consisting of descents with more than 400 steps!


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