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What to See in Napoli in Summer


Exploring Naples in the summer opens up several possibilities for what to do in the city.
In the summer, the city is even more lively! There are lots of events to go to, and the streets become crowded with Neapolitans on holidays and travelers from all over the world.

The warm climate facilitates all kinds of activities and excursions in the surroundings. Here is what you can’t miss in Napoli in Summer!


What to do in Naples in Summer


  • Go to Marechiaro, Posillipo
    Located in the hilly part of the city, Posillipo is one of the places where the maritime character of the city emerges the most. In Posillipo you c25an explore the Marechiaro area, where there is the window that inspired the verses of the famous Neapolitan song “A fenestella” by Salvatore Di Giacomo. Marechiaro is also one of the few recommended neighborhoods in the city where you can take a swim. Among the monuments to visit in Marechiaro we also recommend visiting the Palazzo degli Spiriti and the Church of Santa Maria del Faro.


  • Visit the submerged park of Gaiola
    The submerged park of Gaiola is a protected area where you can go by sea or from the Posillipo district. It is an experience that is difficult to put in words. Going to the Gaiola means having the opportunity to bathe in clear waters, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Posillipo. The Protected Area can be visited with guided tours. There is also the opportunity to participate in snorkeling and scuba diving itineraries.


  • On a trip to an island
    If you are coming to Napoli in Summer, take the chance to visit the islands of the Gulf! Capri, Ischia, and Procida can be reached in a few hours by hydrofoil or ferry from the ports in Piazza Municipio and at Calata di Porta di Massa.

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