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Where to eat gluten-free in Naples, Italy


Read our pieces of advice about where to eat gluten-free in Naples. You will taste all Neapolitan flavors gluten-free, guaranteed!

Celiac disease is increasingly widespread food intolerance. Over the last few decades, catering and cafeteria professionals have worked hard to make their creations tasty even in gluten-free versions.

Finding restaurants, bars, and cafés for celiacs, where you can safely eat gluten-free is not always easy. For this reason, we have selected places where you can eat tasty gluten-free dishes in Naples.

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Gluten-free cafés in Naples

Whether for breakfast, for a snack or to buy something for a packed lunch, these bars offer a variety of gluten-free food products.


  • Leopoldo – Gluten-free
    Piazza Cavour, 78/79, 80137 Napoli


  • Gelateria Scimmia Factory
    Piazzetta Nilo, 4, 80134 Napoli
    Coni senza glutine


  • Gran Gusto (bar and restaurant)
    Via Nuova Marina, 5, 80133 Napoli


Where to eat gluten-free pizza in Naples

At the following pizzerias, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent gluten-free pizza!


  • Pizzaioli Veraci
    Vico Tre Re a Toledo, 1, 80132 Napoli


  • Pizzeria Umberto
    Via Alabardieri, 30, 80121 Napoli


  • Pizzeria Vesi
    Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 115, 80138 Napoli


  • Pizzeria Mascagni
    Via Pietro Mascagni, 42, 80128 Napoli


  • Pizzeria Starita
    Via Materdei, 27-28, 80136 Napoli


  • Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare
    Via Partenope, 1, 80121 Napoli


Gluten-free restaurants in Naples

Would you like to taste gluten-free traditional Neapolitan cuisine? Here is a list of restaurants where you can eat the most delicious gluten-free food!


  • Zero Zero Grano
    Via Carlo de Cesare, 40, 80132 Napoli


  • Wapo
    Piazza Ferdinando Fuga, 9, 80127 Napoli


  • Ristorante Mammina
    Via Partenope, 15/18, 80121 Napoli


  • Langella A Mergellina Napoli
    Viale Antonio Gramsci, 5, 80122 Napoli


  • Tandem Ragù Ristorante Napoli
    Via Giovanni Paladino, 51, 80100 Napoli


  • 1000 Gourmet
    Via S. Pasquale, 50, 80121 Napoli

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