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5 foods to taste in Napoli


Neapolitan cuisine is rich in proposals for each course. Here are 5 foods you absolutely must try, even if you are in Napoli just for one day!


Must-try foods in Naples

Everyone knows that the “real” pizza is the Neapolitan one! Unlike other cities, in Napoli there are different ways to “design” the real Neapolitan pizza. Many people prefer thin dough, others pay attention to cooking, others just like to contemplate the thickness of the borders. It is impossible to establish which is the tastiest among those made by the most famous pizzerias in Naples. What you can do about it is to stroll through the historic center and try the different interpretations of Neapolitan pizza!


Although turnip greens are famous because of the Apulian culinary tradition, in Naples the same side dish is proposed as “friarielli”, a type of broccoli.  Fried turnip greens (frijere, in Neapolitan – hence, friariello) with garlic, oil, and chili are usually served with sausage, a pairing also used on some pizzas.


Buffalo Mozzarella
Even if buffalo mozzarella is not a 100% Neapolitan product, in Naples it is possible to taste the best products from Campania anyway. That means that mozzarella is in many appetizers, first courses, on some pizzas, and even in some desserts. If your accommodation is provided with a kitchen, just go to the supermarket to taste a good buffalo mozzarella!


Pasta & potatoes
Pasta and potatoes is a dish of ‘poor’ cuisine that later became a challenging subject for the best chefs in the city. First tried in the 17th century, the recipe includes pasta with potatoes, sometimes enriched with small pieces of bacon.


Last but not least, we have to say something about the sfogliatella! It is a traditional dessert invented in a monastery on the Amalfi coast and then became the most representative dessert of Naples, in the double version of frolla and riccia. It is a shortcrust or puff pastry dough filled with ricotta and candied fruit.


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