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Napoli museums napoli naples
The Museums of Naples

Naples is one of the largest and most enchanting cities in the Mediterranean. The great cultural heritage of the city is made up of numerous historical,…

Napoli vesuvius
Napoli Vesuvius

Even if the whole Neapolitan area is volcanic, the volcano of Naples it the Vesuvius. It is a volcano that has inspired many artists such as…

Napoli marinella ties
Marinella Ties

Marinella ties is a Neapolitan brand famous everywhere! Italian fashion is famous all over the world as well as the handmade clothes of the Neapolitan tailors.…

traditions Two-faced Janus
Two-faced Janus

Two-faced Janus is a god of the Latin mythology who had two faces, one for the good things and the other for the bad ones. Naples,…

traditions san gennaro miracle blood
San Gennaro Miracle

If you love Napoli, you must know everything about San Gennaro miracle! In Naples, it’s very likely I can hear someone say “San Gennaro pensaci tu!”…

Napoli about napoli what to see
What to see in Napoli

What to see in Napoli?  Here what you can’t miss if you are coming to Napoli and you can’t decide where to go first.  Naples is…

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