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Best places to take pictures in Napoli


Which is the best place to take pictures in Napoli? How to capture the beauty of the city? Here is a list of our favorite places perfect to get the best view of Napoli!

Although the city is huge, the best way to explore Naples is on foot. Walking through the alleys and streets of Naples is the only way not to miss any point!


Best places to take pictures in Napoli

Here is a selection of the best places where to take pictures in Napoli.

  • Streets and alleys
    Once you get to the historic center, get lost in narrow streets and alleys! In the historic center of Naples, the smell of street food mixes with that of the clean clothes hanging on the cables between one balcony and another. The most iconic pictures of Napoli are shot here.


  • Piazza del Plebiscito
    Piazza Plebiscito is one of the most central areas in the city. Besides being an architectural beauty in itself, it is in front of the Royal Palace of Napoli, and close to the Real Teatro di San Carlo.


  • Castel Nuovo
    Besides being a mandatory stage for those who want to explore historical heritages in Naples, Castel Nuovo is one of the oldest castles in the city, built-in 1279 and the royal seat of the Aragon family until 1815. The castle is surrounded by a moat and is characterized by 3 large towers. It is the perfect spot to take pictures of the view of the Gulf of Napoli!


  • Churches
    Walking through the city you can admire and visit many churches. Naples is famous for being the city with many domes, which is evident especially from above. Sometimes, churches are not even immediately recognizable as they are perfectly integrated into the city.


  • Markets
    It is difficult to take a picture of the beauty and of the authenticity of the markets in Napoli. If you like challenges, try to do it anyway! Markets are in the neighborhoods of the following areas: Piazza Garibaldi, Montesanto, Vomero.



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