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The best ice-cream parlors in Naples


Ice cream is one of the most popular snacks to be consumed at any time of the year. There are those who love to compose their own always relying on the same flavors or those who prefer to take the opportunity to experiment with new combinations.
Here are the best ice cream shops in Naples where you can taste many different flavors.


Where to eat the best ice-cream in Naples

  • Officina Gelati
    Officina Gelati attracts the most greedy people with chocolate, wafer, stracciatella flavors. In addition, this ice cream parlor in Naples amazes its customers every month by electing the flavor of the month. We also recommend tasting flavors such as strawberry, apple, melon, and.
    Officila Gelati is at 311, via Toledo


  • Gay-Odin
    According to many Neapolitans, Gay-Odin is the best ice cream parlor in Naples. In fact, it also offers the best chocolate in town. In fact, this historic ice cream parlor also produces milk chocolate.
    The Gay-Odin ice cream parlor opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. Gay-Odin is in via Vetriera 12.


  • Casa Infante
    Casa Infante is one of the best ice cream parlors in Naples. Since the 1940s, Casa Infante has been offering high-quality traditional ice creams. Among the flavors to be tasted: walnuts, melon, and Nutella.
    This ice cream parlor is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 10 pm.
    Casa Infante is in Via Repubbliche Marinare 67.


  • Fantasia Gelati
    Fantasia Gelati sells over 60 flavors of ice cream made with genuine ingredients such as buffalo milk and fruit for 20 years.
    Fantasia Gelati is ideal for those who want to try unconventional ice cream and would love adding pieces of chocolate, smarties, Oreos, cherries, nuts, chocolate, or caramel to it. We recommend watermelon and coconut ice cream!
    Fantasia Gelati is in via Piazza Vanvitelli, 22.

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