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Experiences to make in Napoli


Napoli is rich in attractions and making a plan to visit everything it’s worth to see it’s impossible. But, there is some experience that it’s a pity to miss once you come to Naples, on the very earth of the South of Italy. There is no point in proposing tons of unforgettable activities you may do in Napoli! That is why here we propose just 3 experience to make. Consider including at least one of them in your plans about Napoli: you won’t be disappointed.

Napoli, 3 experiences to make

  • Climbing the Vesuvius
    Naples is rich in attractions to visit, but very few travelers have the nerve to explore the only one that you see all the time when you are in the city. The mount Vesuvius!
    Once you are in Napoli, it is very easy to find organized tours and buses with qualified staff that can lead you up to the Volcano without any risk.


  • Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Napoli
    The National Archaeological Museum of Napoli, also known as the MANN acronym, is one of the most important museums in Italy. Only there you can visit extensive collections of Roman and Greek artifacts and a selection of works from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum is an actual must-do, but if you don’t have enough time you can get an idea of how magnificent are those towns through the artifacts in this museum.


  • Visiting one of the Castles of Napoli
    Napoli is also known as the city of the 7 castles. If you come to this city, you can’t miss the chance to visit at least one of its beautiful castles! If you would like to visit the ones that are closest to the sea, go to the Maschio Angioino or to the Castel dell’Ovo. But, if you would like to admire the view from above, go to Castel Sant’Elmo on the Vomero hill

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