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The best bay and beaches in Napoli and more


The bay of Naples, also known as the Gulf of Naples, is characterized by a semi-circular shape and it overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, a part of the Mediterranean Sea.


The best beaches in Napoli

Scenic landscapes, clear water, and rocky coasts. These are the main characteristics of the bay of Naples! Plus, the Gulf is rich in wonders to visit like submerged parks.



The most famous place of the Bay of Naples is probably Marechiaro, in the Posillipo district. Plenty is the songs dedicated to this scenario, as “Marechiare” and “La Fenestella” by Salvatore Di Giacomo. In the 60s, Marechiaro was the symbol of Italian dolce vita (the good life) and a destination for Hollywood stars. What to see: the “fenestella” (i.e. window) that inspired Di Giacomo’s song and the long staircase.



The submerged park of Gaiola is a marine protected area of ​​42 hectares of the sea that surrounds the Gaiola islands of the gulf of Naples. It extends from the village of Marechiaro to the Trentaremi bay. The protected marine area can be visited by a boat with underwater vision. You can also join snorkeling and diving groups. You can reach the Gaiola park from the historic city center by bus. Once you get off you continue towards a long stairway to the submerged park. Near that bus stop is the Parco del Virgiliano, one of the green lungs of the city that overlooks the Neapolitan coast.



Not far from Gaiola is the bay of Trentaremi. This is the bay you can see from above from Parco Virgiliano. It is important because it dates to the time when Naples was a Roman city. The bay of Trentaremi is mentioned in a song by pop singer Liberato.


All these places are full of chances: you can swim, snorkel, diving and go through archaeological tours and walks. For those who only want to spend a day relaxing on the beach, it is better to go in bathing establishments such as Bagno Elena and Riva Fiorita.



Best beaches of the Campania Region

If you are in Naples for more than just a few days or a week, I suggest visiting other places in Campania Region. If you love going to the beach, even in Winter, here some spots to note down!


Collata beach

The beach of Collata is one of the Campania beaches belonging to the Amalfi coast. It is ideal for those who prefer places that are away from the crowd, where it is possible to enjoy the quiet. The beach is only 50 meters away from the historic center and is not far from the port of Cetara. Despite being easily accessible, it is isolated as it can be reached only by sea. Another point of strength is that the sun goes away in the late afternoon.



Cala Banca (i.e. White Cala)

The Cala Bianca is one of the Campania beaches of the Cilento coast. A few years ago, it was elected the most beautiful beach in Italy. Like the Collata beach, the white Cala can only be reached by sea, leaving from the port of Marina di Camerota. An alternative is to go there on foot from Monte Luna but the walk takes about an hour. The beach is wild, surrounded by plants and characterized by very clear water.


Spiaggia del Cavallo Morto (i.e. Dead Horse Beach)

Also known as Cala Bellavia, it is one of the Campania beaches that best embodies the characteristics of the beaches of the Amalfi coast. It is characterized by crystalline water and is located between the cliffs, giving the strong and loved the contrast between water and rock typical of the area. This beach is also famous for its quietness and silence.



Nerano beach

Among the most beloved Campania beaches, there are those of Nerano. Nerano is a small territory of Sant’Agata sui due Golfi. What makes the beaches of Nerano unique are the crystal-clear waters and the sunset time of the sun, later than other places. Nearby, there are numerous restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine.


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