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Fascinating facts about art in Napoli


Here are some captivating facts about Napoli and its very long-term relationship with the arts. When you go to a city it is interesting to discover in advantage facts and curiosities as well as the places where you want to go and the monuments and landscapes that you look forward to seeing.

  •  Naples, city of poets

Not everyone knows this truth about Naples: in the city lived two of the most important great poets of all times, Virgilio (i.e. Virgil) and Giacomo Leopardi. At Materdei it is possible to see a plate that indicates where the home of Leopardi was and at the Vergiliano park in Piedigrotta it is possible to visit both the tomb of Leopardi and the one of Virgil. The Virgil one is in a small cave. You can go to the park by metro or by funicular, taking as a reference theMergellina stop.

Even today poetry is important in Naples, especially those poems in Neapolitan language, a dialect that is UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Naples, city of music

An important historical fact about Naples is its importance from a musical point of view. For what concerns classical music, in the seventeenth century Naples was the homeland of opera buffa thanks to composers such as Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Jommelli, and Cimarosa.

In Naples, there is also one of the most important theaters, the Royal San Carlo Theatre, which was directed by Gioacchino Rossini.

For what concerns the Neapolitan song, at the end of ‘800 unforgettable songs were composed about Naples. An example is ‘O sole Mio. Plus, Enrico Caruso, one of the most famous tenors of the 20th century, was born in Naples.

  •  Naples, city of acting

Besides the musical tradition, the theatrical one is too important. In Naples were born great theatrical masters and authors such as De Filippo and Viviani. Plus, in Naples was born one of the most famous theatrical and cinema actors, Antonio De Curtis, also and probably better-known asTotò. In addition to having shot a hundred films, he also experimented with other arts particularly felt as important in the city, writing songs – like the famous Malafemmena – and poems.

Napoli spots where movies were shot

One of the most important Italian director, Vittorio De Sica, defined Naples as the most cinematographic city in the world. Naples and Rome are the most used as a scenario in the Italian movies and tv series or soap operas.

This article aims to be a short guide to find out where you can go for walks on the sets of the most famous movie filmed in Naples.

  •  Eat Pray Love (Ryan Murphy, 2010)

 In the movie in which Julia Roberts visits Naples and Rome, some of the scenes are shot in one of the most famous pizzerias in the world where you can eat one of the best pizzas of Naples (and, according to many, absolutely the best). This pizzeria is the Ancient Pizzeria Michele’s, in Forcella. You can go there on foot by the main station or from the historical center. At Michele’s, you can see with your own eyes the place where the scene was shot and eat a classic Margherita or Marinara, even with double mozzarella on it.

  • Naples, Naples, Naples (2009, Abel Ferrara)

If you have seen all the episodes of the documentary movie by Abel Ferrara, you cannot miss the chance to see closely the places where the main characters were filmed. The most easily reachable is the Vesuvius park, the Quartieri Spagnoli (i.e. Spanishquarters) – very close to one of the most important streets of the historic center, via Toledo – and the Scampia “veils” – residential buildings that have the shape of the veils to recall the sea.

  •  The Gold of Naples (De Sica, 1954)

The gold of Naples is a historical movie by De Sica in which you can watch many landmarks of the city with a master of cinema perspective. Among these are the Materdei district streets, where the famous scene with Sophia Loren as a pizza chef was filmed, Piazza Plebiscito and the Santa Lucia district. The last two locations are close to the seafront and to Castel Nuovo, one of the main castles of Naples. Another place where the scenes of the Gold of Naples were filmed is therioneSanità, also famous for being the district where Totò was born.

Jazz music in Napoli

If you love jazz music and you want to listen to it during your holidays in Naples, you must know which the best club of the city are. In the city of Naples there are several jazz clubs that have hosted many talented musicians of this kind of music.

Although jazz was born in America, in Italy there are many musicians who love this genre and plays the most famous jazz standards and try to propose new compositions in style. Plus, you must know that one of the most beloved Neapolitan singers is Pino Daniele, who tried to unite the Neapolitan to jazz.

Among the jazz clubs that have made history in the city is the Around Midnight Jazz Club, also known as Blue Around Midnight. It is located at Via Giuseppe Bonito 32 and is not far from the underground and the funicular (you can ask for Morghen stop). Around Midnight has hosted famous musicians like Antonio Onorato, Aldo Farias, Pietro Condorelli, Marco Zurzolo. It has always been and it currenly is an absolute guarantee of good jazz music played by professionals. Starting from 10 p.m., you can drink a beer or a long drink in a relaxing atmosphere –you can also have dinner in there. The rooms are note wide so booking is recommended.

In the historic centeryou can go to Bourbon Street, another historic jazz club in Napoli where you can join live music shows every day. The place is in Via Vincenzo Bellini 52/53 and in addition to giving the opportunity to listen to great musicians, Bourbon Street organizes jam sessions every Wednesday, giving everyone the chance to perform on stage. This place also offers excellent Italian cuisine. The advantage of Bourbon Street is to be in the immediate neighbourhoods of the historic centre, where nightlife is concentrated.

In the neighbourhoods of one of the main streets of the city, via San BiagiodeiLibrai, there is the Otto Jazz Club. It is a location suitable for those who want to know Neapolitan jazz musicians who try to combine jazz with the music of their land. Otto Jazz Club offers pub snacks and drinks – such as beer, wine and cocktails.


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