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What to see in Pozzuoli


Pozzuoli is a city that is very close to Naples. You can get there by taking metro line 2. Pozzuoli offers many ideas on the history of civilization. In fact, this city has been inhabited since 531 BC. Among the most important attractions to visit the numerous archaeological sites that show Roman ruins stand out. But, if you want just to stare at a beautiful landscape, Pozzuoli is a good idea for you as well.



Pozzuoli, where Roman ruins overlook the sea

The Macellum is the temple made in honor of an Egyptian god dating back to the 1-2 century b.C. The Pozzuoli cathedral stands on the ruins of what was once a temple dedicated to the Roman king Augustus. Everything in this city is full of historical importance: mausoleums, columbaria, and hypogea constitute a real necropolis that from via Celle continues almost to another nearby municipality, Quarto.




Pozzuoli offers the occasion to visit several amphitheaters. For example, the Flavio one, built for Nerone, is where you can admire the walls in opus reticulatum, a typical technique of the time. The minor antitheater is an example of ancient Roman construction of which only some ruins are still there, today. It is still possible to see what remains of the ancient road and some arcades.


Since 2008 it is also possible to visit the Antonino Pio stadium that was another Roman emperor. It is the only example of this kind of architecture in Italy.



Those who prefer to visit the natural areas of Pozzuoli can choose among two lakes: the Averno lake, considered by ancient populations as a gateway to the underworld because of the smells of the sulfuric, and Lucrino Lake, anciently used for fish farming but that today is only a natural area. Near this lake, you can also visit what remains of the Nerone heater, an ancient Roman bath.


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