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From Naples to Pompeii, train timetables


How to get from Naples to Pompeii with the Circumvesuviana? Is it possible to reach the excavations of Pompeii by public transport? Info and times.

To go to the Sorrento peninsula, or the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the solution for many travelers is the Circumvesuviana train. It is a local train that connects the city of Naples with the Vesuvius areas.

Pompeii and Naples are also connected by regional trains. However, the duration of the journey is the same – about 30 minutes – and the Circumvesuviana stops precisely near the excavations, the most interesting attraction in the city of Pompeii.

Buying tickets for the Circumvesuviana is very easy. In addition to online methods, there are ticket offices in major stations, and tickets are widely sold by authorized resellers.

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Circumvesuviana timetable from Naples to Pompeii

The Circumvesuviana to Pompeii is the favorite destination of many travelers from all over the world who can’t wait to admire the excavations of Pompeii.
To take the Circumvesuviana direct to the Pompeii excavations, it is advisable to leave from the station of Naples Porta Nolana, previous to the more popular one in Piazza Garibaldi. The departure times from the Naples Porta Nolana station of the Circumvesuviana to Pompeii are as follows. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

6.09, 6.40, 6.44,
7.09, 7.39,
8.11, 8.39,
9.09, 9.39,
10.09, 10.39,
11.09, 11.39,
12.09, 12.39,
13.09, 13.41,
14.09, 14.39, 15.11, 15.39,
16.09, 16.39, 17.09, 17.41,
18.09, 18.39,
11.19, 19.39,
20.09, 20.39,
21.09, 21.39.

tours napoliCircumvesuviana timetables from Pompeii to Naples

From the Pompei Scavi – Villa dei Misteri station it is possible to go to Naples by Circumvesuviana. The train station is in fact another. The departure times from Pompeii to Naples with the Circumvesuviana are as follows:

6:31, 6:55,
7:14, 7:48,
8:08, 8:24, 8:53,
9:18, 9:37,
11:07am, 11:37am,
12:07, 12:37,
1:07 pm, 1:37 pm, 1:56 pm,
2:23 pm, 2:48 pm,
3:25 pm, 3:53 pm,
4:37 pm,
5:07pm, 5:37pm, 5:55pm,
6:23 pm, 6:48 pm,
7:25 pm, 7:53 pm,
8:37 pm, 9:07 pm, 9:37 pm,
10:24 PM.


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