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Garibaldi: discover the station where you can go everywhere you want


In this article you can find everything you must know about Garibaldi station of the Naples Metro line 1. If you want to know more about Naples Metro, read the BookingNaplesFree Guide!

Garibaldi station is also known as Napoli Centrale (i.e. the centre of Naples) because from this station you can go basically anywhere. In fact, you can reach the airport of the ciy, Capodichino, you can reach the port, or you can take any local or national train. Plus, from Garibaldi you can reach the bus stops in the immediate neighbourhoods.

From piazza Garibaldi you can easily go to several attractions and landmark points of the city. For examples main squares such as Piazza del Gesù, Piazza Plebiscito or Piazza San Domenico, churches such as the Cathedral, museum such as the Archaeological one. Although this is extremely important, Garibaldi station is an architectural work worthy of attention itself. Garibaldi station has been modernized by the French architect Dominique Perrault who has redesigned both the station and the big square. Some details have been left the same of the past project by Bruno Zevi. The most representative example of an element that is still the same is the roof, a famous scenario for films, tv series and music videos, such as the case of the famous song sung by Mina “Se telefonando”.

The representative element of Perrault’s project instead is the steel and perforated Teflon covers that are used as a roof of the area dedicated to the Naples metro (local trains). In the same area you can find lots of shops and restaurants where you can immediately taste Neapolitan and Italian cuisine or try recipes of other countries.

Garibaldi station is one of the Naples metro art station. In fact, beyond the stairs that leads to the metro, you can see works by Michelangelo Pistoletto, contemporary artist. They are portraits of people on mirrors, works that are perfect for the context, considering the continuous flow of people that come and go from the station.

From Garibaldi station you can go to Corso Umberto, a large road that leads to Bovio square. Corso Umberto is very fascinating because it is surrounded by Neapolitan buildings that are characterized by the features of Italian historic architecture: tall windows and balconies with floral decorations. Another chance is to go towards the two gates of the ancient city that are near Garibladi station, Porta Nolana and Porta Capuana.


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