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Castles of Naples, wondering architectures and panoramic views


In addition to excellent food, pleasant climate and famous songs, Naples has lots of architectures that have made it known as the city of the seven castles: Capuano Castle, New Castle (Castel Nuovo, also known as MaschioAngioino), Egg Castle, Sant’Elmo Castle, Nisida Castle, Carmine Castle and Vigliena fort.

The castles of Naples can be visited during a walk in the main streets. They could even represent a track to follow to admire the most striking views of the city.

Capuano Castle is located at the end of Via deiTribunali, so called – “streets of the courts” – because of the Viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo that put there five courts. Today, you can visit the Hall of Busts of the Castle in which are hosted the busts of the greatest jurists of the famous legal school of Naples. Easily reachable from the central station in piazza Garibaldi, the castle owes its name to its closeness to Porta Capuana, one of the ancient door of the city that bring to the city of Capua.

New Castle (Castel Nuovo), or MaschioAngioino, is in immediate proximity of piazza Municipio. This castle has been visited by many personalities of the art world such as Maso di Banco and Giotto who have painted part of the interior. Payattention to its portal, made by Andrea dall’Aquila, a pupil of Donatello. Not far from New Castle is situated one of the most famous castles of Naples, the Egg one.

Egg Castle (Castel dell’Ovo) owes its name to an egg in a little cage under Megaride island. According to Virgil, the fate of the city depends on the egg: if it is intact, everything’s fine.

Near via Nuova Marina there is what remains of the Carmine Castle. The structure, whose origins date back to 1382, was demolished in 1906 but its tower, Torre Spinella, and part of the aragonese walls are still standing.

Sant’Elmo Castle is probably the most panoramic of the castles of Naples. From its roof you can admire almost the whole city from above and the nearest islands. Plus, in the internal rooms there is a contemporary art museum.

Farther from the city centre are the Castle of Nisida, on the island of Nisida, and the Fort of Vigliena, whose remains are in San Giovanni a Teduccio. Both had a significant role in the defensive system of the city at the time of Pedro de Toledo.


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