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How to ask for directions in Italian


If you are coming to Napoli or in Italy, there are a few sentences in Italian to know. Even if Italians can actually speak English, they also appreciate it when people try to mix with locals trying to speak Italian.

Since last week we proposed greetings in Italian, today we publish a collection of sentences useful to know when asking for directions.

Asking for directions in Italian

Here is how you can understand what people respond to you when asking for directions in Italian.

  • The fundamentals to understand Italian answers when asking for directions are ‘sinistra’ (left) and ‘destra’ (right). Once you get familiar with these two words, you are at a very good stage in understanding directions!


  • What if you have to go straight on? In Italy, we say ‘Sempre dritto’!


  • If you would like to know how to get to the center of the city you are exploring, try to approach who you don’t know using ‘Scusi’ or ‘Mi scusi’: they both mean ‘Excuse-me!’


  • After catching the attention of the people who may help you, you can continue with: ‘per andare in centro?’ which means ‘how can I go to the center


  • Another useful sentece to know is ‘Dove posso trovare la fermata dell’autobus?’ that literally means: Where can I find the bus stop?


  • During your stay in Italy, you may need to take a train. In cases like that, the sentence to know is ‘Dov’è la stazione?’ which literally means: where is the train station?
    Always remember to validate your ticket BEFORE going on the train! That is how it works in Italy. And, if you don’t know where to buy tickets, try to ask: “Dove posso comprare i biglietti?”


We know: learning Italian is not so easy as it may seem. Anyway, we like to give people the possibility to learn at least the basics!


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