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What you must not miss in Napoli


Collecting your ideas in advance can lead you straight to where you really want to go, without being caught by the chaos of Napoli! Note down what you can’t miss!


What shouldn’t I miss in Napoli?

  • Once you are in Napoli, be brave enough to get lost in the historical city center! It is not so dangerous as the media claim. Alleys and streets are part of the Unesco Heritage. The historic center is also known as the ‘belly’ of Napoli, since you can even visit its subsoils. The surface is rich in monumental churches and palaces.


  • Via Toledo and the Spanish quarters are another part of Napoli you can’t miss visit! Don’t get distracted by the great windows of the shops and take a look at monumental palaces such as Palazzo Zevallos. You may also find a temporary exhibition. Plus, Palazzo Zevallos hosts a Caravaggio!


  • Once you walk along via Toledo, you can’t miss the chance to take a look at Piazza del Plebiscito. Besides being one of the most iconic squares of Napoli, from there you can easily go to the Royal Palace, or to the San Carlo Theater.


  • In the neighborhoods of Piazza del Plebiscito, you can visit many districts. On one side, you can go to Santa Lucia, very close to the seaside (via Caracciolo). On the other hand, via Chiaia is rich in cafés and restaurants, and shops!


  • If you have more than one day to visit Napoli, go to its hilly district, the Vomero. There are many attractions such as the Castel Sant’Elmo, and the Certosa di San Martino. From there you will see the entire city from above. It is stunning!


Finding a beautiful place in Napoli is very easy. The city is known for its natural beauties too. Just think to Posillipo, and to the Phlegrean Fields! Beauties of all times that continue to amaze visitors from every corner of the world.


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