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How to go from Napoli to Sorrento, 2023 updates


How to get from Napoli Centrale Piazza Garibaldi to Sorrento? Here are the most practical travel solutions.

To go to Sorrento from Napoli centrale, the best solution is to take a local train. There are several opportunities to travel this way.

sorrentoFrom Napoli centrale station to Sorrento

How to go to Sorrento from Naples Piazza Garibaldi? Going to Sorrento from Naples is easy. In fact, you just need to go to the central station of Naples or to the Porta Nolana station and take the local Circumvesuviana train. The Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento usually leaves from platform number 3 in piazza Garibaldi station. However, this is not a rule and it is always a good idea to check which is the right starting track from the information panels present in all stations. Furthermore, since the circumvesuviana has multiple destinations, it is good to check that the destination of the train is correct. The destination of the journey is reported on the head of the train as well.

In Piazza Garibaldi, the Circumvesuviana station is located in the basement, floor -1. To go to -1 quickly, you have to go down the stairs and follow the aisle to the end, after the entrance to the Feltrinelli bookshop.

If you are looking for an alternative to the circumvesuviana to go from Naples to Sorrento, take a look at the Campania Express. It is a train that runs along the railway line from Naples go to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Faito and Sorrento. The interesting fact about Campania Express is that it stops directly to the stations with the main attractions of the Campania Region.

Even if this makes it less suitable for being a city service, the Campania Express is the choice to make if you want to explore the area for the beauty it has to offer. Another important difference between Campaina Express and the other local trains is the ticket price: the Campania Express costs approx 15 euros one way.

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