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March 2023, weather forecasts


What is the weather like in Naples for March 2023? Here is the weather forecast for the next weeks in Naples.

March is one of the ideal months to visit Naples. Even if the climate is mostly mild in Naples, in March the temperatures start to rise compared to those in winter.

The hills surrounding Naples protect the city from the coldest winds making taking a walk pleasant at all times of the year. Naples has been one of the favorite destinations for Italian and foreign travelers throughout the winter. This March 2023 the weather in Naples is no exception. The weather will be clear even if there will be the sudden rains typical of this period.

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Naples, what is the weather like in March 2023

napoli weather januaryIn March 2023 temperatures will be higher than in February. During the past month, the temperatures hovered around 50 F°. March 2023 will be the time to breathe the spring air again. The average temperature in March 2023 will be 58 F°.
During the early hours of the morning and late in the evening the temperature will be around 50 F°.

Even if in March 2023 the weather in Naples is sunny, there will be rainy days at the beginning and in the middle of the month. Furthermore, sudden rains are frequent even on days with a sunny climate. For this reason, it is advisable to always take a pocket umbrella with you.

In March the days will get longer, and the hours of light will increase. The sun will rise around a quarter past 6 and sunset will be around 6.10 pm.


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