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How to go to Paestum, what to see, what to eat


Paestum archaeological site is one of the most suggestive remains of Magna Grecia. Founded in 8th-century b.C. from the Greeks coming from Sibari, in the Calabria region, the colony originally named Poseidonia developed successfully and fastly. You can understand it by looking at the magnificent monuments of those times!

Afterward, the village was colonized by the Italic People and became a Latin colony named Paestum, from 273 b.C. on. In the first century, the village was infected by malaria. Then, the city succumbed along with the end of the Roman Empire.

What to see in Paestum

Paestum temples are exceptionally well-conserved. If you are looking for what to see in Paestum, you must know that there are so many architectures and sculptures that have been praised so many times. Here what you can’t miss.

The Temple of Cerere. This temple, dedicated to Athena, was built around 500 b.C. in a Doric style. As in many other cases like this, the temple used to be a cemetery and, during the Middle Age, a church.

The temple of Neptune. Most people say that this is the most beautiful temple in Paestum. Probably that is because it is huge: 25×60 meters long. The temple is a great example of classic architecture, given the equilibrium of measures and proportions, and material control. Afterward, the experts demonstrated that this temple is dedicated to Apollo.

What to eat in Paestum

Being in Paestum means being close to Cilento, a beautiful area of the Campania region. The most typical product is mozzarella di bufala. In Cilento, mozzarella is worked through an artisanal process that makes the result unique. The landmark to note down for those who want to taste mozzarella in Cilento surely is Tenuta Vannulo.

If you don’t like mozzarella or you can’t eat it, taste other local products such as oil and white figs.

How to go to Paestum

By train. The line to refer to is Napoli-Salerno-Reggio Calabria. From the station, you can take a shuttle that leads you to the archaeological site. The archaeological park is very close to the station anyway!

By car. To go to Paestum by car, follow the highway A3. Go to Salerno and then follow the state road S18 towards Battipaglia. Paestum is at a 37-km distance from Salerno.


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