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Luggage storage in Naples


Where to go for luggage storage in Naples?

Bed & breakfasts and flats do not have space or the possibility to allow their guests to leave their luggage in the accommodation during the latest hours of their stay. Here’s where to store your luggage in Naples before you leave.


Luggage storage in Naples, where to go

  • Stowyourbags
    This company is one of the most popular for luggage storage. It is a fully automated storage facility near Naples Central Station. Stowyourbags luggage storage is in fact in via Venezia 64. It is open 365 days a year, i.e. every day from 7 am to 9 pm.
    The strength of this Naples luggage depot is its total security and freedom. There is no need to queue and it is supervised 24 hours a day.
    There are two sizes of lockers to store your luggage: the standard locker, which holds 2 pieces of luggage, and the maxi locker, which holds 4 pieces.
    It is also possible to reserve a locker, either on-site or at the depot. In both cases, payment is by credit card only.
    Prices start at 1.99 per locker.
    Currently, due to the prolonged health emergency related to COVID-19, as of 16 November 2020 the depots are closed until further notice. To stay up to date on the opening status of the luggage depot in Naples, please visit the link: https://www.stowyourbags.com/it/shop/napoli/deposito-bagagli-napoli-centrale-stazione/


  • Luggage storage Bar Napoli Centro
    This luggage deposit is the only bar in the historic centre of Naples with a luggage storage area. It is perfect for those who have little time to visit the city and don’t want to give up the last few hours to continue exploring the historic centre.
    The idea for this luggage room came from travellers who, preferring bed & breakfasts and apartments, cannot always count on the availability of luggage storage guaranteed by hotels.
    This luggage deposit is in Via Montecalvario 38A.


  • Stasher
    For storing backpacks and luggage in Naples, there are also spaces provided by Stasher. Advantages include insurance up to €1000, 24-hour customer service, and the presence of a Stasher manager at each storage point. In addition, there is no size limit. The price for storing luggage in Naples with Stasher starts at €5 per day.

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