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5 things to know about Ischia


Ischia is one of the wonders of the Gulf of Naples. Here are 5 interesting facts about the island!

If you are spending more than a day in Naples, it is very easy to organize a day trip to Ischia.

What to see on Ischia? You will be spoilt for choice. That is why we have decided to give you some suggestions on what to do in Ischia, revealing curiosities that not everyone knows about the island’s beaches, woods, traditional Ischian cuisine, and historical finds.


5 things you don’t know about Ischia

Ready to go? Here are 5 things you probably don’t know about Ischia.

  • The island of Ischia is the home of good food. As well as being the birthplace of Campania’s first DOC wine, it is here that recipes such as Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, fish all’acqua pazza, Sambuca and rocket liqueur were conceived.


  • Although Ischia is characterized by an absolutely maritime atmosphere, the typical dish is rabbit all’Ischitana, a legacy of the island’s rural origins.


  • On Ischia, you can enjoy the wonders of the green: chestnut woods, pine forests. If you spend more than one day on the island, don’t miss the opportunity of a trip to Mount Epomeo.


  • On Ischia, it is possible to fulfill the desire to bathe in… hot water! This is a phenomenon that you can see by going especially to Sorgeto, Bagnitiello, and Cartaromana due to Ischia’s thermal water sources.


  • Last but not least, Ischia is not only the perfect destination for relaxing and enjoying beautiful landscapes. It is an island that also has an important historical significance. The Cup of Nestor, for example, is evidence of the presence of Ischia already in the 8th century BC! Ischia was in fact the first Greek colony in the West: some of the most important finds are contemporary with Homer’s time!



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