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Neapolitan cuisine Easter traditions


Easter 2021 is on Sunday, April 4, 2021. It is close enough to start planning all the celebrations, including what to eat!

As with every festivity, Neapolitan people start to prepare cooking for Easter very early. Today we will see which are the recipes that keep locals so busy before Easter.

Spending Easter in Naples is an opportunity to taste Neapolitan cuisine dishes prepared for the occasion.


Neapolitan culinary traditions for Easter

According to the tradition, on the Thursday before Easter, the menu for dinner must be based on fish. Neapolitan usually prepares a mussel soup with croutons.

On the Friday before Easter, Neapolitans usually prepare the Pastiera, a typical dessert whose origins are lost in the infinite Neapolitan culinary traditions.

On Easter lunch, the soup of meat and vegetables is a must. For those who are not into respecting tradition at 100%, taglioni, and tortellini with sauce are acceptable alternatives. The second course usually is lamb with grilled potatoes, peas, and onions. The lunch usually ends with the Neapolitan pastiera. It is the typical Easter dessert prepared with wheat and filled with ricotta cheese.

The casatiello is something that can’t miss on the table of Neapolitans at Easter. People usually prepare it on the Saturday before Easter. Casatiello and Tortano are two types of dough filled with cheeses, salami, and eggs. The two recipes are different because of the number of eggs used (3 for the Tortano; 5 for the Casatiello). Another difference is about tradition. You can eat tortano at every moment of the year, but only Easter is the time of casatiello!

Casatiello, tortano, and pastiera are all foods that you can easily share with others. Sharing it is one of the main features of the Neapolitan People. Easter is not just a religious celebration or an occasion to eat more than during other days but the possibility to spend time together.


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