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Neapolitan cuisine side dishes


Neapolitan cuisine is a mix of Greek and Roman gastronomic traditions, maturated through centuries, with the various domination that the city has undergone since then, such as the French and the Spanish ones.

What makes Neapolitan cuisine different is its evolution through centuries and its methods. Besides having great raw material, the difference is in the methods of preparation and cooking, which have been handed down for generations of Neapolitans.

Instead of talking about the most famous dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, today we will see which are the side dishes to taste in Napoli. Recipes are so simple you could even try to prepare them at home.

Neapolitan cuisine is way more than just pizza. And even when talking about pizza, there is more than the classic type to discover!


Neapolitan cuisine side dishes


Neapolitan side dishes are almost based on vegetables prepared in various ways. Even if they are perfect to accompany the main dishes of Neapolitan cuisine tradition, they are also tasteful to eat alone.


Zucchini alla scapece
Zucchini alla scapece is prepared with zucchini cut into slices and then fried. The seasoning is fresh mint leaves and vinegar.


Fried aubergines
Unline the zucchini, fried aubergines are cut into smaller pieces, fried, and then cooked in a tomato sauce.


Broccoli is a special variety of cabbage you can only find in certain areas in Italy. In Napoli, they usually serve broccoli with sausages, but they are also good alone.
You can also find broccoli on pizza, with olives, anchovies, and pinenuts.


The Caprese salad
This side dish of Neapolitan cuisine is also used as an appetizer. It owes its name to the island of Capri. Neapolitans usually prepare this recipe in Summer, since it is a very fresh dish. The ingredients are buffalo mozzarella, ripe salad tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and basil.



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