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The best quotes about Napoli


Why we do love collecting quotes about Napoli?

On one side, we truly believe that literature can describe the city so much better than us. But, on the other side, we also think that quotes are the best to create the best captions for social media. Since we are now always-on, connected to each other, maybe you can find better words to tell people how you feel about Napoli so easily.

Take a look at our selected quotes and see if the authors captured your impression of the city as well.

Quotes about Napoli

As we already mention, Naples inspired lots of people from all over the world, and from many eras. Since you can find a lot about what different people said or wrote about this city, we selected some of the best quotes about Napoli. According to us, the following quotes about Napoli really convey that special something of th city that ‘normal’ people can’t express so well.


  • Naples is curiously chaotic and, if I’m honest, a bit dilapidated. It certainly has a ‘lived-in’ look. It’s alive, it’s vibrant, it’s a little bit dirty, it’s busy, and I loved it. I felt like this was how Rome would probably have been 2,000 years ago. There’s a real bustle, and it’s down and dirty. (Paul Hollywood)


  • …the city of Naples was like this: wonderful from a distance, but when seen close up, it was fragmentary, indefinable, and coarse… (Franco Di Mare)


  • Naples is the flower of paradise. The last adventure of my life. (Alexandre Dumas)


  • I have a concept of Naples that is not so much of a city, per se, but rather an ingredient of the human spirit that I detect in everyone, Neapolitan or not. (Luciano De Crescenzo)


  • Here we are at last. The Italian proverb says “See Naples and die” but I say, see Naples and live; for there seems a great deal worth living for. (Arthur John Strutt)



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