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What you want to know about My Brilliant Friend


My Brilliant Friend is a story of friendship set in Naples. The first was first a book and now a tv-series that amazed all the world. People from every Country come to Napoli to visit the original set of this peculiar story. We have already posted the list of the filming places used for My Brilliant Friend, but today we want to say something more by answering some of the frequently asked questions about My Brilliant Friend.


My Brilliant Friend, answers to FAQs


  • What dialect are they speaking in “My Brilliant Friend”?
    People speak Neapolitan most of the time. Anyway, they mix it with some sentences in Italian. That is why the entire series is subtitled for English-language viewers. Since Italians may need subtitles too, the series is aired with subtitles in Italy too. Neapolitan is a southern dialect which not everyone can understand.


  • What is the setting for My Brilliant Friend?
    The setting for My Brilliant Friend is Naples in the 1950s. You can still see lots of filming locations of My Brilliant Friend by visiting the historic city center. The best is to book a specific tour, to be sure to go straight to the iconic places.


  • Is ‘My Brilliant Friend’ a true story?
    Despite having the same name as the main character, Elena Ferrante didn’t write an autobiography. It is ‘just’ the story of a woman in her 60s who remembers her childhood and her friendships. The most special surely is with Lila Cerullo, the other main character. The novel and the series are both rich in so many other characters to know.


  • Who is the author of “My Brilliant Friend”?
    Even if the tv adaptation is by Saverio Costanzo, the author of this unique story is Elena Ferrante. There is hype to know who is she since we don’t know much about this very-loved writer.



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