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Weather Forecast April 2022


What’s the wheater like in Napoli in April 2022? Did you pack everything you will need this month in Naples? Read the most useful information in advance.


If you are thinking of spending a few days in Naples in April, knowing what the weather is like can be of great help in preparing your suitcase. Here is the weather forecast in Naples for the month of April.


April is among the best months to visit Naples. The climate is fantastic! The days are mostly sunny. This April is even more special since Easter will be celebrated this month. Take advantage of it to taste typical dishes of the period such as “pastiera” and “casatiello”! Do not miss the opportunity to admire the way in which the Neapolitans celebrate this holiday.


Here is the weather forecast for April 2022 in Naples, what the weather will be like in Naples.


Weather forecasts, April 2022

spring napoliWhat is the weather forecast in Naples? Here are the forecasts on what the weather is like in Naples in April.


In the month of April temperature is 32 F°. This will also be the case in April 2022. Compared to March, temperatures will still rise. During next April the minimum temperature will be 53 F° while the maximum is 68 F°.


There will be rains throughout the day. We recommend that you pack an umbrella in your suitcase so as not to be caught unprepared by sudden rains.
Usually, the sun rises around 5:30 am and sets around 6:30 am.


Weather April 2022

According to the weather forecast in Naples, the temperature in April will rise from 68 F° to 86 F°. Low rainfall is expected every day of the month. In particular, the 13th will be the rainiest day of the month.


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