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Weather forecasts, August 2022


What’s the weather like in Naples in August 2022? Find out what the weather is like in Naples this August.

If you are about to leave for Naples and spend August here, it is useful to know in advance what the weather is like.

Spending the month of August in Naples is a good idea. Locals leave the city to spend their holidays elsewhere and Napoli is even more enjoyable for travelers who decide to explore its streets and alleys.

The month of August is particularly hot but this will give you the opportunity to explore the beaches of the gulf and the nearby islands.

Here is the weather in August 2022 according to the weather forecast for Naples.

Naples weather, August 2022

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What’s the weather like in Naples in August 2022? What is the weather forecast for this month?

As already mentioned, the weather in August in Naples is hot. It almost never rains and even in August 2022, the rainy days are expected to be about 1-2.
The average temperature is between 68 and 89 F degrees. The minimum temperature is 80 F degrees. During the month of August in Naples, several records are beaten about the increase in temperatures. You certainly won’t need to pack an umbrella for a short August stay in Naples.

The sun rises around 5:15 am while the sunset occurs around 7 pm. You will see that it begins to get dark sooner day by day. Summer is ending!


Weather forecast August 2022

In August 2022 the weather in Naples does not differ from how it generally is during this time of the year. Temperatures will be on the rise compared to July, with an average of 86 F degrees during the day.

According to the current weather forecast for August, the temperature will not exceed 95 F degrees.


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