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Weather forecasts May 2022


What’s the weather like in Naples in May 2022? Find out what the weather forecast is for next month in Naples and the most useful information to prepare your luggage.

Are you packing your suitcase to come to Naples in May? Know that you have already made an excellent choice!
Visiting Naples in May is an excellent idea. The climate is fantastic, it is not too hot yet, which allows you to easily get around the city streets. Moreover, having such weather makes it easier to plan trips outside.

Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, and the islands of the Gulf of Naples are the perfect destinations for spending days outdoors.

Here is the weather forecast for May 2022 in Naples.

Naples weather in May 2022

What’s the weather like in Naples in May 2022? What do you need to know about the weather forecasts for this month?

During May the temperature is 68 F° degrees during the day and then drops to around 55-56 F° at night. In the case of May 2022, the forecasts do not differ much. Indeed, temperatures have risen from last month. Although short rains will decrease during the day, there will be rainy days, especially starting from the 20th of the month. Don’t forget to always take an umbrella with you!

Usually, the sun rises around 5:30 in the morning and sets around seven.


May 2022 Weather forecast

In May 2022, temperatures will be rising compared to April. The minimum temperature is 55 F° degrees while the maximum is 70° degrees.

During the end of the month, temperatures will continue rising. Even if we are talking about one of the ideal months to visit Naples, rainy days are still expected. According to the weather forecasts, in May 2022 15 days of rain are expected.


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